Prohibited Items: What Not To Bring To The Airport

Prohibited Items What Not To Bring To The Airport

We all love to travel. Regarding traveling, the most essential task to be taken care of is the packing list. If you travel with an Airbus, you should make an efficient list. Awareness of the items prohibited from being taken to the airports is crucial. Taking any Forbidden Item in Airport (ของห้ามขึ้นเครื่อง, which is the term in Thai) can make you lose your belongings because the rules and regulations at the airport are strict. And you might know that if you prohibit the rules and regulations of airports, you may face severe consequences.

Banned Items On-Board

The airport officials may force you to throw away the following items if you try to take them on board:

  • Liquid And Gels

Airports prohibit their passengers from carrying liquid in the place for security reasons. But you can take some liquids like baby food, paracetamol, or medicinal usage gels in limited amounts. Read the instructions on your travel ticket if you want to take any medicinal liquid on the plane.

  • Sharp Objects

Sharp objects in the airplane journey are a big no. It is the prior Forbidden Item in Airport. You cannot even carry your shaving razor or nail cutter on the plane. Instead, you can keep it in the luggage bag in the plane’s cabin. Remember that the airport officials have screening tools with which they can look at the things in your bag that you will carry on the airplane during the travel.

  • Firearms And Weapons

Firearms and weapons are strictly prohibited in carry-on bags and are subject to severe penalties if discovered. It includes firearms, ammunition, stun guns, and replica or imitation weapons.

  • Explosives And Flammable Materials

Explosive materials, flammable substances, and fireworks are banned from carry-on and checked bags. This category includes dynamite, gunpowder, fireworks, gasoline, and lighter fluid.

  • Chemicals And Hazardous Materials

Chemicals and hazardous materials potentially dangerous to passengers or aircraft are strictly prohibited. You cannot carry chemicals like, bleach, battery acid, batteries, and radioactive isotopes. If you need to transport any of these chemicals, take special permits from the airport officials.

  • Lengthy Items Like A Tripod

The length of the tripod is more significant than your carry-on bag. Therefore it is prohibited in some airlines.

It would help if you were extra careful whenever you are going on a plane to travel locally or travel abroad. Read the instructions carefully or call the airport customer support to have a peaceful journey on the plane.