Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ten signs you might be a budget traveler

Ten signs you might be a budget traveler

Budget travelers are a peculiar lot. You might find them skipping long lines or sleeping on trains. Much of the time, you find them with smiles on their faces and cash in their pockets.

The characteristics on this list (in no particular order of importance) represent budget travelers as they seek the best values for their hard-earned cash. How many of these phrases describe your travel habits?

You travel with one lightweight bag in tow
Budget travelers are not willing to pay exorbitant airline baggage fees. They also want to be light on their feet as they search for cheap hotels or take advantage of public transportation. Multiple bags create mobility problems and label you as a “tourist.” That label might make you the target of a scam or crime. Someone with one well-packed bag who looks in control is more likely to find bargains and less likely to find trouble.

You are always on the lookout for free things to do
It has been said that the best things in life are free. Trite though it may sound, travelers find this bit of wisdom to be true. Take Europe as an example. There are plenty of memorable and free things to do in Europe. The traveler who spends hours in line for a view of Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower sees a view comparable to those who visit Sacre Coeur for free and admire the overlook near the entrance. There are plenty of free attractions that will give you lasting memories, and others for which you’ll pay that are less memorable.

You seek out cheap train tickets
Trains take you to the heart of a city, but at a variety of prices. Some allow you to give away a measure of comfort in exchange for a lower price. Some lines sell passes that make multiple trips possible at one low price. Passes are not always the cheapest way to travel by train, but a little homework and itinerary planning will tell you which option is best. Find out if train travel makes sense for your next trip.

You buy city passes for admission discounts and to bypass long lines

After you’ve seen the free attractions, there are still bound to be many places on your travel wish list that involve admission fees. In big cities, those charges add up quickly, and some on a budget must skip things they’d like to see to save money. But in many cities, passes are available that enable entry into dozens of attractions for one price. The passes are good for a limited time, but they save money and time waiting in long ticket lines.

You are not sfraid to bid for travel products online
Some budget travelers are tempted to jump right into Priceline’s travel auctions and make their bids without reading the fine print. That’s usually a mistake. Priceline purchases are non-refundable and come with strings attached. But if you learn how avoid overbidding and you’re willing to take a small risk, Priceline can save you lots of money. So can other online bidding at other auction sites such as, and