Friday, January 20, 2017

Most exotic spa treatments

Argan Oil Massage, Morocco

Argan Oil Massage, Morocco

Photo: Courtesy of Amanresorts

The Claim: Native to southwestern Morocco, the spindly Argan tree produces a small, pitted fruit that’s something like an olive. For centuries, native Berber women have ground up the pits and seeds of these fruits and pressed them to produce an oil for use in cooking and body treatments. Thanks to a high content of vitamin E, carotenes, and fatty acids, the oil is an excellent hydrator—it leaves skin nourished but not greasy—and also helps minimize wrinkles, restores elasticity, and stimulates cell oxygenation.

Where to Try It: At the Amanjena Resort in Marrakesh, the traditional communal hammam experience has been refined into the pampering Moroccan Bloom spa treatment. Guests enjoy a steam, a wash with locally made black soap, a thorough body scrub, and a rhassoul clay body mask, topped off by a dousing with refreshing eucalyptus-infused water. Once skin is squeaky clean and polished, a massage with Argan oil helps seal in moisture.