Friday, January 20, 2017

Most exotic spa treatments

Coca Leaf Body Mask, Peru

Coca Leaf Body Mask, Peru

Photo: Inkaterra

The Claim: Native to northwestern South America, the coca leaf—which contains the alkaloids used to make cocaine, but is not, in itself, addictive—is an integral part of traditional Andean medicine and has long been chewed, brewed, and applied topically to treat everything from headaches and depression to muscle pain and high blood pressure. Besides having a high concentration of calcium, the leaf also contains skin-friendly alkaloids like papaine and benzoine.

Where to Try It: Designed to detoxify and improve blood circulation, the three-hour Inkaterra Therapy service at the Inkaterra Machu Picchu’s UNU Spa starts with a stint in an Andean sauna (in a eucalyptus-wood hut), then moves on to a stimulating coca-oil body massage, a coca-leaf body mask, and hydration with a coca-leaf moisturizer.