Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cheap international flights tips

Cheap international flights tips

One of our unique strengths is to help you find cheap international flights.

Cheap international flights, more than domestic U.S. flights, are unlikely to be sourced from the big travel Web sites. Airlines deliberately give the cheapest deals to small agencies to help generate additional sales. We do not sell tickets and our aim is to help you find the best deals and companies.

Key tips in getting cheap international flights:

1. Shop around. Search for discounted prices. Private/ unpublished/ negotiated fares are much more common on international routes.

2. Always try ‘Destination Specialists’ because they focus their negotiating power with airlines on restricted routes.

3. Booking international airfares on the phone can be beneficial. International online booking can be slow and a live reservation expert will help guide you.

4. Specialists can help you identify cheap times/ dates/ seasons for international flights.

5. Specialists can offer you localized advice on services like hotels, car hire, tours, guides, places to see, internal travel arrangements and good stopover points.

6. Key determining factors in the price of your international flight ticket will be: The flight duration, the number of stops and the perceived comfort of the airline. lists many specialists including 1800Fly Europe, UK Air, Qantas Vacations, Eastern Tours Consolidated, Airfare Planet, Japan Budget Travel International and Olé! Travel.

We are continually adding new specialists and our mission is to offer the biggest spread of specialists on the web.

Search for cheap international flights to your destination now.